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High-performance server for one-direction and reliable data broadcasting in scalable satellite, territorial and cable networks with unlimited number of licenses and freeware software for subscribers. Details...

High- Performance IP/DVB encapsulator / multiplexer provides encapsulation IP packets into DVB stream with multiplexing external transport stream. It also decapsulates MPEG-2 transport stream out of IP packets in MPEG-2/IP/DVB networks. details...


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  • Multiservice IP/DVB platforms and technologies for broadband satellite, territorial and cable networks
  • Complex solutions for operators, providers and system integrators

      »  We design, produce and install
    • IP/DVB Encapsulators
    • Broadcast Data Servers
    • Return virtual channel Servers
    • QoS Servers
    • Satellite data receivers

      »  Our customers
    • Satellite, territorial and cable networks operators
    • Federal and regional administrations
    • Departments and organizations with territorially distributed branches
    • Regional mass media and broadcast companies
    • E-commerce and electronic libraries subscribers
    • Internet users and broadcast network abonents
    • Content - providers and Content-on-Demand systems users
    • Corporate network administrators
    • Digital film production
    • Educational establishments
      »  Solutions
    • Asymmetric Internet / Intranet access on satellite, territorial and cable networks
    • Reliable content delivery systems to unlimited subscribers without a return channel
    • Internetwork stream MPEG-2 broadcasting over IP and DVB networks
    • E-commerce systems, game and auction platforms
    • High-speed Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (ECDN)
    • Quality of services providing in IP/DVB networks for users and user groups
    • Possibility of creation interactive networks, which based on the open standards such as DVB-RCS
    • Electronic content delivery and distribution systems for digital cinema

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